Responsive, Quick, and Effective

Responsive, Quick, and Effective

In today’s post we will be sharing a scenario some of you may have previously found yourselves in…


On Friday morning last week, one of our long-time clients were in a mad rush to set up some new employees they had hired to start on Monday morning. 


With only a few hours notice it would have been a challenge for most to procure the new laptops, deliver them to sites have them set up with all the required software including security policies and necessary access, and have the system ready, configured and set up for the employee to begin work on Monday morning. 


Well at Managed Services Australia, we love challenges and this is nothing we couldn’t handle, while we are proactive and always thinking ahead, we are also reactive to our clients’ requests.

Thanks to our experienced team of engineers and the prompt operations of our suppliers we managed to get our clients devices ready in their office by the end of Friday afternoon, one less thing to think of during the well-deserved weekend. Crisis avoided! 


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Troy Irwin
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