Backup Services – Is Your Business At Risk Of Losing Everything Any Moment?

Backup Services

Is Your Business At Risk Of Losing Everything Any Moment?

Data, contacts, IP, brand collateral form a significant part of any modern business’s assets.

Yet without secure backup in place, one mistake or infiltration can eliminate it all, destroying years of hard work in seconds.

The threat is real and every minute you operate without comprehensive IT backup solutions, the company is exposed to potentially thousands in losses.

It sounds harsh, but it’s the reality as we’ve seen countless businesses lose valuable IP and data without even realising the risks.

What are some of the backup options we can provide to create peace of mind that everything gets covered in the most random or stressful of scenarios?

​​Office 365 Backup

Protecting Your Data From Accidental Deletion & Security Breaches

Unlimited retention is your insurance policy if there’s a comprise or employees leave, ensuring all data is still available in-house on-demand.

It’s critical to protect your Office 365 from looming threats and even innocent mistakes.

Some of the threats are accidental deletion, security breaches and retention policy gaps.

Don’t play "Russian Roulette" with sensitive information - back it up!

(Just like you insure a house or car, make sure company data is covered).

Cloud Backup

Your IP & Digital Asset Vault

Knowing that all your IP and data is secure in the cloud eliminates a lot of pain and fear of the unexpected happening.

In this digital world, hackers, cybercriminals and even human error expose the company (every single day) to possible threats.

If a breach or error destroys or holds data hostage, you can rest easy knowing backup exists, restoring valuable assets to their original capacity.

Cloud backup is essential and a system you cannot ignore!

Network Attached Storage

Work Together Regardless Of The Operating Systems

A NAS is a perfect solution when multiple devices and people need to access the same files across the company.

These files could be photos, financial documents, contracts, branding, etc, collaborated on across larger projects or daily operations.

The power of a NAS device is that it can be easily accessed by multiple people, computers, mobile devices, or even remotely, increasing productivity securely and making teamwork a breeze.

Disaster Recovery Audit

Know What To Do In A Crisis

Your business must know how to respond to unplanned incidents such as natural disasters, power outages, cyber-attacks and any other disruptive events.

These events can be devastating financially if a business has not prepared in advance.

We can map out your assets, conduct a risk assessment, define your recovery objectives, choose a disaster recovery setup, test and review the plan - positioning your organisation to respond in an emergency.

If the worst-case scenario happens, you can jump straight into solution mode and restore the assets that run the business with minimal interruption or financial setback.

Data Loss Prevention

Your Proactive Solution To Protecting Sensitive Company Data

Data Loss Prevention detects and prevents data breaches, exfiltration, or unwanted destruction of sensitive data.

Prevent your users from moving key information outside the network, plus a network administrator can monitor data accessed and shared by end-users.

DLP is a proven strategy to protect and secure company data and comply with any regulations in the process.

Get proactive instead of reactive to potential threats!

Business Continuity Strategy

Your Disaster Response Roadmap

This plan is your war map if disaster strikes or an unplanned interruption temporarily places the business IT systems out of commission.

Eliminate the fear of a major event devasting the company, knowing that a “break glass” option exists in case of an emergency.

Whether the disaster is natural (fire, floods, earthquake) or man-made, such as a cyberattack, this plan is the difference between losing thousands of dollars and getting the business through the event with minimal downtime.

Can you afford not to have this strategy in place?