Internet & Voice Services

Fast Business Internet Data & Professional Voice Services (That Bypass Frustrating Offshore Call Centres)

Sick of dealing with the Philippines when the internet goes down? Don’t waste two hours on the phone getting passed around from department to department while the business loses production by the minute. We schedule onsite engineers to manage the entire business internet process. Your organization will be back in commission after a quick, painless phone call.

Unlimited Internet Plans

Fibre Networks

Fixed Wireless


Mid-band Ethernet

Ethernet First Mile

Telstra 4GX – Extranet

Unlimited VOIP Plans

Unlimited local, national, mobile

Unlimited 13/1300

3CX – Upgrade Your Call Handling Functionality

We leverage our partnership with 3CX to upgrade your business communications to a whole new level. Imagine unlimited extensions, voice to email, click to call and all at reduced costs. It’s like going from a Ford to a Ferarri in performance but at a lower investment. There’s no need to change your existing number, you won’t miss a single call while we transition you across.

Benefits of our 3CX solution

Cut your cost by 80%

Voice mail to email

Click to call

Video calls and conferencing

Hosted on our network or you can host it on your own server

From 1 to unlimited simultaneous calls

Scalable with unlimited extensions

Unlimited local, national and mobile calls

Live dashboards/call centre callboards

Starting at $100 a month

Ethernet - Unlimited Data At 10Gb Per Second

Do speed and performance matter? These saved seconds compound into minutes, hours and days of extra productivity over a year (for every team member). Get excellent high-speed performance with our fixed wired connection. Our next-generation Ethernet services get the best connection speed for your business, increasing ROI by the second.


Speeds are available between 50Mbps to 10Gbps, and you can upgrade your connection anytime.


Future-proof ethernet services

Speed of up to 10Gbps

Unlimited Data

Fibre400 & Fibre1000

Expecting High Demands On Your Servers?

Our Fibre400 & Fibre1000 are your go-to solution to elegantly handle the stress of high usage on your servers 24/7. Got a lot of online activity happening amongst the team? Our Fibre solutions are your secret weapon.


Unlimited Data

99.95% service availability guarantee.

Allocate bandwidth up to 4 different services based on your needs

Speeds of up to 400Mbps or 1000Mbps

Fixed Wireless

High-Speed & Secure Fixed Wireless 

Want unlimited data at symmetrical upload and download speeds coupled with US military-grade security? Fixed Wireless is fast and easy to install, offering a rapid, secure internet solution with the flexibility to upgrade speed as your business grows.


Unlimited Data

High-speed internet

Secured wireless connection

Symmetrical upload and download speed

Low latency

Speeds of up to 1 Gbps

Ability to grow with your business

Faster to install compared to a traditional in-ground service

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