Chisolm Prison

Chisolm Prison

Chisolm Prison


We recently designed and installed a wireless networking solution at Chisolm Prison in Lara, Victoria.

This is the second prison project that we have completed for our client, as we built a similar solution at Ravenhall Prison back in 2018. In conjunction with John Holland, a collective of firms have been contracted to complete the build, however they have been faced with some technology challenges.


Construction staff and project managers have been struggling with poor phone reception and no fixed internet available.


This is due to the location of the site being more than 5km from the nearest mobile tower and construction of the prison walls had already been completed creating a large barrier of interference to the site.


Our team were tasked to develop a wireless network solution to allow phone and internet service within offices and also across the site.


The area we needed to cover was approximately a 150-metre radius from the antenna.


Initial speed was approx 0.8 mbps upstream and downstream.


Using the following equipment


  1. Telstra Corporate 4GX service
  2. Rugged Industrial 4GX router
  3. High gain 4GX antenna and cables
  4. Ubiquiti outdoor AC access point
  5. Ubiquiti indoor access point
  6. POE ethernet switch
  7. 10m Mast/Light post mounting brackets and hardware
  8. Network cabinet

We were able to achieve 30.68 Mbps Downstream and 39.38 Mbps Upstream which is an amazing 50x faster than what was available.


The customer is now able to make and receive calls via Wi-Fi calling, access the internet and are now able to run their operations without any interruptions.


If you are struggling with poor internet service, we can definitely assist you with a bespoke solution.


Please feel free to contact our team on 1300 024 748 to discuss your technology challenges and next project with us.


Troy Irwin
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