Cloud Services – Scale, Backup & Protect your Digital Assets

Cloud Services

Scale, Backup & Protect Your Digital Assets


Cloud services are delivered on-demand over the internet.


These include computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence.


Cloud services can lower your operating costs, run technology more efficiently and scale as business needs change, providing easy, cost-effective solutions without the need for internal infrastructure or hardware.


Not sure where to start or what you need?

Domain Registration

Secure Your Online Real Estate & Brand

A domain name is your online real estate, forming a valuable asset for the company.

Managed Services can register a domain name that is catchy, relevant, enhancing the sales and marketing possibilities for your business moving forward.

You can also register a domain and park it for use down the track to avoid the risk of someone else securing the name.

Furthermore, it is possible to secure similar domains to protect future brand value, prevent copycats or confusion with customers.

Our team can guide and assist you through this decision-making process.

Domain Management / DNS

Keeping Your Domain Name Safe, Accessible & Secure

Once you have secured a domain name, it needs to remain stable, secure, and support company related websites.

Domain management is a user-friendly system for managing all settings related to your domain names and keeps your website live and accessible for customers.

Managed Services provides DNS for any domain name allowing browsers to load your Internet resources on devices, playing an essential role in your online success

Microsoft Office 365

We Can Manage & Licence All Your Essential Microsoft Applications

Microsoft Office is the go-to solution for businesses (and even households) around the globe.

The software is user-friendly, compatible on devices (and most of us grew up using Microsoft), making it easy for staff to integrate the applications (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel) into their daily work.

With large teams, you need a licence to meet your requirements which we can arrange for you, ensuring all staff get set up and perform their roles.

Microsoft Office management is just another way we can make day to day business easier for you!

Microsoft Azure

We Offer & Manage Azure So You Can Control Multiple Applications Across Different Clouds

Azure is Microsoft's public cloud computing platform covering all of your computing and network needs.

Your business can pick and choose several services and run existing applications using Azure.

If your team uses Microsoft products, this is a great integration solution to streamline business cloud systems.

Reach out and discuss how Azure can be an asset to your company.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Solarwinds Ncentral – The Centralised Solution To Control Your Entire Business Network

SolarWinds N-central software enables you to manage, monitor and secure the business’s entire network from one web-based console.

This solution automatically discovers and onboards your end-user devices and monitors them, maximising business productivity and service quality.

Cloud Storage

Eliminate Expensive Hardware & Scale!

Cloud storage creates agility for your team whilst eliminating dependence on expensive (and risky) device-based storage.

Freeing up storage on in-house hardware enhances device performance, saving team members value time and cutting infrastructure costs.

Cloud solutions enable the company to operate globally with “anytime, anywhere” data access.

A cloud stores data in a secure remote database, protecting IP and digital assets from accidental deletion or hardware issues.

Managed Services can ensure that your business has the storage requirements safely guarding valuable company IP.

Cloud Backup

Your IP & Online Assets Insurance Policy

Cloud backup stores the data from your business servers remotely.

This backup solution keeps files and data readily available in the event of a system failure, outage or natural disaster (consider this your IP insurance policy).

Operate with the peace of mind that valuable data is restorable, eliminating several risks that could comprise the business from one unexpected incident.

Are you ready to talk about how one or more of these cloud services can become a valuable asset to your business?