Cyber Hygiene

Cyber Hygiene

The federal government has provided advice on how to counter ransomware in Australia, encouraging the use of multifactor authentication and urging businesses to keep software up to date, archive data and back-up, build in security features to systems, and train employees on good cyber hygiene.


Ransomware attacks today present a major threat to Australian organisations, In 2020, cyber criminals conducted successful attacks on major Australian organisations at a volume never before experienced.


Early detection of a ransomware attack is paramount to minimising impact, many of the most impactful ransomware attacks could have been avoided with foundational cybersecurity controls and good cybersecurity hygiene. For small businesses, which make up 93% of employing businesses in Australia and provide employment for nearly 45% of Australia’s workforce, the challenge is different, All businesses have valuable data and systems they need to protect. It is vital that they establish strong foundational controls and practice good cybersecurity hygiene practices.


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