Cyber Security steps to keeping your businesses technology secure

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Cyber Security steps to keeping your businesses technology secure

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Keeping your businesses data secure is extremely important especially when 2020 is around the corner. Here are some cyber security steps on what should be done to help keep your data secure and prevent any cyber attacks from occurring within your business.


Mail Filtering

Mail filtering is the first step in the right direction when it comes to keeping your business secure. We follow our 3-layered security framework to help prevent cyber attacks. We partner with MailGuard to help provide a easy experience when dealing with false positives in blocked emails. A report is sent out each month and you can go through and determine any emails you would like to release. Before an email is released our team will check to see if it is an legitimate email and release it for you. This is so you are 100% certain that the email is safe and doesn’t contain anything malicious.



Using a next generation firewall is the next step in the right direction for keeping your network safe. It can help prevent attacks to your physical network. We partner with Fortinet to provide world class security hardware to help keep your business secure. These firewalls are packed with smart features like Unified Threat Management, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Application Control, Web Content Filtering, Data Loss Prevention and more. We can also configure a vpn connection with 2-Factor Authentication to allow people working remotely to be securely connected to your network.



The tradition anti-virus is still an important piece of software to have installed on your machines. They are the last point that attackers can get to and we need to secure it. We have a managed anti-virus solution that allows us to monitor and know that your computers are regularly scanned and kept up-to-date. It allows us to detect issues with your machine early so we can be on track with keeping your data safe.


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