E-waste is a popular, informal name for electronic products nearing the end of their useful life. Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are common electronic products. Many of these products can be reused, refurbished, or recycled.


Millions of electronic devices like televisions, computers and mobile phones are discarded in Australia every year. In fact, e-waste is the fastest-growing component of the municipal solid waste stream.


The Global E-Waste Monitor 2020 reported that e-waste (discarded products with a battery or plug such as computers and mobile phones) increased by 21 per cent in the five years to 2019 and predicted that by 2030, it will be almost double the 2014 figure, fuelled by higher consumption rates, shorter lifecycles and limited repair options.

we accept wide range of electronics for E-waste which include computers (Laptops, Desktops, Tablets) Servers, Networking Equipment (Routers, Switches, NAS Drives), UPS & Battery Systems, Hard Drives, Cabling, Printers & imaging Devices.


we also provide services for Data Destruction, hard drive shredding and formatting with certificate of destruction.

If you need help with recycling or discarding your E-waste, we are the right choice for you. call us today at 1300 024 748 or email us at managedservices.com.au

Troy Irwin
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