Farm that is powered by new indoor farming technology

Image of a robot holding a plant.

Farm that is powered by new indoor farming technology

Image of robot arm moving farm produce.

Imagine a farm that is ran entirely out of robots. There is currently one that is located in San Carlos in the United States. The farm itself is called Iron Ox and it produces many types of herbs and greens by using automation. The indoor farm is a size less than a traditional farm you would see in the country but it still produces the same amount of produce each year. The plants grow in a horizontal and vertical stack making more space for more plants.


Soil is also not used in the process of growing the plants, they instead use water with a solution added. A type of Led light is used to provide enough light that the plants require. There is also a robot arm that moves plants around where needed to help get the best growing quality. Another good thing about this technology is that it can grow any plant no matter what season it is because it is all indoors and the climate is automated.


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