How to provide remote assistance over a 3CX WebMeeting

Image of a 3CX WebMeeting.

How to provide remote assistance over a 3CX WebMeeting

Image of a 3CX WebMeeting.

3CX Web Meetings also have a remote-control feature. This allows web meeting users to request control on their computer to gain assistance with anything that is on their screen.


This feature can help save alot of time as there isn’t a need to install remote access software such as AnyDesk or TeamViewer.


To gain remote control of a user’s computer all you need to do is click on their name and a dropdown menu will appear.

3CX WebMeeting dropdown for remote control
From there you will be able to select Remote Control. The participant will receive a message to allow access or deny.

3CX Accept or Deny Remote Access.
If this is the first time the participant will be instructed to install an application that allows remote access.

3CX WebMeeting Remote Control asking to install the remote control software.
After the participant clicks on Download and install an installer will start to download. Once the download is complete, open the installer and select Install.

3CX WebMeeting Remote Control Software Installer.
After clicking on install the application will quickly finish installing and you will notice that 3CX is ready to give remote access.

3CX WebMeeting Remote Control ready to run.
Select Run and chrome will display a Pop-up to open the link in 3CX Remote Control.

Pop-Up to allow 3CX WebMeeting Remote Control to open.
After clicking on Open 3CXWMRemoteControl the control session will be started. You will now be able to see the participants screen and control it.

3CX WebMeeting Remote Control Session in use.
We are able to provide you with a demo and show you all the features that 3CX Web Meeting has to offer. Give our team a call today on 1300 024 748 for more information.

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