Kaseya Hacked – Is your Managed Service Provider protected from cyber threat?

Kaseya Hacked – Is your Managed Service Provider protected from cyber threat?

US Based, Kaseya which provides IT management and monitoring software for Managed Services Providers across the globe has been hacked and thousands of computers with their monitoring software infected with ransomware. Companies across Australia and New Zealand have been forced to shut down their servers and workstations until a solution has been found.

Hackers have demanded millions of dollars in ransom to be paid to remove the encryption over the files and systems that have been affected.




Read more about the breach via the following link.



Are your systems safe from cyber threat, and is your MSP taking the necessary steps to prevent such breaches in your organisation?

At Managed Services Australia, we use artificial intelligence embedded in the latest cyber threat prevention software called endpoint detection & response to protect your systems from ransomware, in the event of a breach can roll back any effected systems at a click of a button.


Learn more about Sentinel One, the most advanced cybersecurity platform available.



Talk to our team to get you protected and prevent a similar disaster from happening to your business today!

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