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Mailguard – Your 24x7x365 Enhanced Email Security System

Eliminate Spam, Block Hackers, Cyber Criminals & Other Threats

As confidential material flies around the office from teams, clients and partners, it highlights how essential email security is to protect sensitive information inside your company. 


Email remains the go-to tool for business communication, as we send and receive hundreds of emails, often containing private details such as passwords, client information, reports, contracts, bank details, credentials, and other confidential information.


Despite the heavy usage, email is one of the least safe mediums for businesses, that is unless MailGuard comes to the rescue with its innovative technology protecting your company against cybercrimes and shielding private email communications from prying sources.

Cyber Criminals Are Getting Smarter – Are You Prepared?

In recent years, cybercrime tactics have evolved remarkably. Emerging technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), enables criminals to mimic the writing styles, behaviours and patterns of employees.

With this information, cybercriminals can send fraudulent emails which are so convincing that they pass computer security filters, infiltrating the company’s confidential information.

We don’t need to explain the potential liabilities and brand damage caused by leaking this private information.

Fortunately, MailGuard stamps out these threats and interferes with cybercriminals objectives. The security barriers of MailGuard analyse your communication networks, understand the patterns and behaviours of users’ emails and determine which ones are safe. In the process, MailGuard detects possible anomalies, attacks and errors in real-time (before it’s too late).

Does MailGuard Deliver Cloud-Based Email Security?

Email traffic is (mostly) sent in plain text. This approach increases exposures in the system, allowing hackers an opportunity to exploit senders and recipients. 

MailGuard filters inbound and outbound mail to ensure the mail is safe, detecting criminal intent with threats like ransomware, spyware, malware, phishing, malicious viruses, spam and other fraudulent activities before anyone gets exposed.

Client Testimonial

“Since implementing the Mailguard Managed Spam, Hosted Email Security Solution at our firm we have seen a significant reduction in spam emails. Feedback from informative monthly reports has shown Mailguard has been effective in defending against multiple email based threats and has protected our staff from potential security incidents.

We are pleased both with the solution and the responsiveness of the team at Managed Services Australia when analysing and releasing email on occasions where an email is quarantined due to any false positive detection.

Thank you to Chris and the team for their support and expertise”.


Darren Sanicki – Managing Director at Sanicki Lawyers

Email Security Solution

How does Managed Services Australia help in increasing email security using MailGuard?

Our Managed Spam solution consists of the following activities:

Monitor email traffic (inbound/outbound).

Analyse threat reports.

Review and release quarantine emails.

Block new threats and white list false positives.

Maintain healthy email server performance.

At Managed Services Australia, our goal is always to maintain the highest level of security protecting your business from cyber threat.

Pricing for Mailguard

All Pricing Excludes GST.

Mailguard - Advanced Email Filtering
Setup Fee: $350
$ 10.00 Monthly per mailbox
Mailguard Live - Email Continuity
Setup Fee: $350
$ 5.00 Monthly per mailbox

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