MailGuard – Why spam filtering is important for your business

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MailGuard – Why spam filtering is important for your business

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Throughout the past couple of years, the chances of receiving a threat over your email keeps increasing at an insane pace. This can be very alarming for businesses especially if the business does not have the right security solution in place. We have partnered with MailGuard to provide businesses with an advanced email filtering system that keeps unwanted emails out of every staff member’s mailbox. We can easily integrate this with current office 365 installations or migrate businesses to an office 365 solution with MailGuard in place.


MailGuard works by scanning every email that comes in and out of the mail server and gives it a spam likeliness rating. This rating is measured using MailGuard’s mail filtering network that is redundant using a mesh of different servers allowing for 100% email delivery. Using the spam likeliness rating it determines if the email is a potential false positive. Every month the mailbox will receive an email with all the potential false positives that have been gathered and allows the user to release emails back into their mailbox. After deciding what emails, they would like to be released our team will check the email to see if it is safe and will make the final decision on if it should be delivered or not.


This integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and it is an additional layer of security for many businesses. Just having regular anti-virus on every computer isn’t enough these days as attackers are using more sophisticated ways to gain access to their victim’s devices. We recommend looking at our Security Framework to help gain a better understanding of what needs be in place for businesses to help stay safe online. MailGuard is one of the three layers that we implement as we see it as an important step to keeping digital data secure.


Spam is not the only thing MailGuard can protect mailboxes from. It can also stop Viruses and Malware protection as email is the most common source for Virus and Malware attacks. Another benefit of using MailGuard is that it doesn’t require any equipment to be installed physically. All our team needs to do is update your DNS records and configure the mail server to connect with MailGuard.


Our team is always happy to help with any questions you may have, just give us a call on 1300 024 748 and someone will be able to help you out. If you are interested in migrating your current email solution to Office 365 we can also help you out with that too. You can also make your next technology purchase with us at: We have over 500,000 products available on our store and is the one stop shop for all your business technology needs.

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