Migrate your email to Office 365

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Migrate your email to Office 365

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Office 365 is a platform with all the tools you need for your business. Tools such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook allow you to communicate and prepare documents with ease. With Office 365 you can write your documents up with Word. Prepare your presentations with PowerPoint. Analyse data in a spreadsheet with Excel and manage your emails with Outlook.

SharePoint is a file sharing service that comes with Office 365. SharePoint is a cloud file sharing service that works just like OneDrive. The difference between OneDrive and SharePoint is that the files are accessible to everyone apart of the team. It can also integrate with your OneDrive application to sync a folder of your shared site.


A benefit of using Office 365 is that it is regularly updated. That means that you can get all the new features as soon as they are released. Upscaling or downscaling? Office 365 can easily adjust to accommodate the size of your business. You also get the ability to work from anywhere all you need is an internet connection and you’ll be able to work from any web browser.


If you already have your mail hosted somewhere else. That is not a problem at all because we are able to migrate your mail from anywhere to Office 365. We have done a wide range of different migrations in the past and they have all been successful. Our friendly team will work closely with you to ensure that there are no missing or duplicate emails during the migration.


We also like to include MailGuard for your email security. Most of the time ransomware comes from malicious emails. That is why it is a good idea to have email security. MailGuard catches unwanted emails before it even get’s into your mailbox. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to decide whether an email is safe and secure. It helps keep your inbox clean and healthy. Mailguard also integrates perfectly with Office 365.


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Nicholas Guarnaccia
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