Our Managed Voice solution

Image of phones using 3cx.

Our Managed Voice solution

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We have a team that can provide voice services to your business. Partnering with 3CX we can provide your business with a highly reliable VoIP service that is affordable. 3CX is a flexible cost-effective digital PBX solution that we provide to many of our existing clients. We do regular maintenance and monitor your service to ensure it is always up and always up to date.

Before we install the service, we dedicate a fair bit of time planning a redundancy plan behind your service. This is so that we are comfortable with the service we provide and to help keep it up and running 24/7. We also offer an internet service that is provided with your voice service, this may depend if you already have a reliable service installed or not. In most cases we can upgrade your internet and provide it with a 4G backup service. This helps us be sure nothing can go wrong in the event of a network outage.

A power outage is another point of downtime we consider. We can provide a UPS on site for your networking equipment to help ensure your phones are always online. If the UPS battery was to be flat. You can still make and receive calls on your mobile phone using the 3CX mobile app. It works just like your regular phone and is always available to use.

The mobile app can be used from anywhere in the world, so you have no reason to miss a call. Feel free to give our friendly team a call today on 1300  024 748 and we can help upgrade your phones and internet.

Nicholas Guarnaccia
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