Always keep your password a secret and never reuse them anywhere

Password Security

Always keep your password a secret and never reuse them anywhere

Password Security

Password security breaches are very common and it is important to make sure they have never been breached. Keeping all of your passwords different for every website you use is extremely important. This is because there is always a possibility for your credentials to be leaked due to a data breach. That is why it is always a good idea to keep passwords separated between each website you use.

Use a password manager

A password manager like LastPass is a perfect tool to help organise all of your passwords. It allows you to manage your them easily and securely. LastPass can also generate new passwords for you. This is so you can easily have different passwords for different sites. The LastPass chrome extension is also a good tool. It can make it easier to login to different sites by auto-filling your credentials. Manage your passwords from the mini popup window instead of a full webpage.


Online databases –

Another good tool to use is It is a tool that contains a massive database of breached email addresses and passwords. You can search the database for entries with your email address to determine if your account has been breached. It also has a notification feature for when a new breach is added to Have I Been Pwned.  An email will get sent to you if your account was breached.


2-Factor Authentication

It is always important to always use 2-factor authentication everywhere it is possible. 2-factor authentication with an authenticator app is always the way to go. It is important as it requires you to have your phone with you to sign in. As you login to your account you will be asked for a 6 digit key. This key is always unique every time you login and it expires every 60 seconds.  You can get this key from your authenticator app on your phone. This can prevent people that can guess your password from getting in.


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