Identity theft and how to reduce your chances from it occurring

man stealing credit card.

Identity theft and how to reduce your chances from it occurring

Identity theft that is occurring

Identity theft is a 2 billion dollar industry in Australia. More and more people and businesses are being targeted, exploited and their lives torn apart because their computer’s have been hacked, money stolen from the bank, social media accounts compromised, business and personal data locked and held for ransom, or been blackmailed for dirty photos. We all know a friend, client, colleague or family member that has been hit by identity theft criminals. Their attempts become more and more sophisticated but the prevention from identity theft is quite simple.

  1. Don’t take unsolicited calls
  2. Never give out your personal information over the phone.
  3. Never give access your computer.
  4. Always keep your PC software updated.
  5. Shred your mail/sensitive paperwork.
  6. Have email security and antivirus software in place
  7. Don’t open suspicious emails

Following these will drastically reduce your chances of being compromised by identity theft.

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