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How Do We Keep Your Digital Assets Safe From Viruses & Hackers?

We are here to safeguard your business from this ever-growing threat with our Security Framework.

IT Security Solutions On Steroids


Every other day businesses get hit with spam emails containing potentially harmful viruses. With large teams,  it only takes one distracted employee to click a comprised link and expose the entire company. To limit these risks, we have partnered with Mailguard to provide the first line of defence against such threats. This model delivers peace of mind that an innocent mistake won’t be expensive for the company.

Security Layer #1 – Spam Management

MailGuard will proactively stop harmful viruses and spam from entering your network, consequently limiting employee exposure to potential inbound risks hitting their busy inbox.


Scalable Cloud Architecture

Multiple Anti-Spam Engines

Virus & Malware Protection

Inbound Content Security

Outbound Policies

Denial of Service Protection

Data Leakage Protection

Comprehensive Reporting


Message Tracking

Phishing Scam Protection

Email Continuity - Ability to access emails in the cloud if your device dies or email server malfunctions or goes offline.

Security Layer #2 – Firewall Management

We have partnered with Fortinet to monitor your incoming and outgoing network traffic. This advanced security system permits or blocks data based on a set of rules stopping unwelcome traffic in its tracks before it can do any damage.


Next Generation Firewall

Unified Threat Management



Application Control

Web Content Filtering

Data Loss Prevention

Secure SSL VPN Portal

Two Factor Authentication

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Security Layer #3 – Anti-Virus Management

Our antivirus solutions provide world-class security for your business by combining powerful virus, malware, spyware and ransomware protection for your operating systems. It’s like building a high-class vault for your digital assets, we use the latest AI technology to hunt out the threats and stop them before they spread across your network. 


Web Content Filtering

Intrusion Prevention

Desktop Firewall

Application Control


Network Scan

Content Control



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