Software updates are important and they need to be managed

Image of updating laptop.

Software updates are important and they need to be managed

Image of a computer downloading an Update.

It is always important to keep your software up to date. Software is updated because over time people may discover flaws and issues within the software. These issues would have not been known during development. That is why updates are pushed out regularly to help ensure your computer is stable.


Security Flaws

Security updates help ensure that your system is fully protected from known security flaws. These flaws would have been discovered after the software was released. The flaws can be used to get malicious software to run in the background without you knowing. Regularly updating your system will help prevent the chances of a known flaw from being used against your systems.


Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are also important as they can fix functional issues within the software. You could of had an issue such as an application crashing every time you open it. This issue could have been fixed with a simple software update.


New Features

New features are always something to be excited about. It could even be a small new feature but you always know it is handy to have. These new features could release with unknown bugs that would need to be fixed in a later update. Or even some unknown security flaws. That is why it is always recommended to keep every system up to date. If you are a business owner and don’t have the time to make sure all your systems are up to date. We can easily help, our team of qualified engineers can help monitor and keep every system up to date and secure with the help of Total Care and our Security Framework.


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