Sunny Compliments in Dark Times

Sunny Compliments in Dark Times

The recent storms in Victoria wreaked havoc for some and unfortunately there are still many impacted areas dealing with the fallout.  Fortunately for some of our clients who were affected, the MSA team were able to help them adapt to the circumstances and make a speedy recovery.

Here is what Glen had to say about how MSA handled the recent storms:

The MSA Team have been fantastic support for when our Head office lost power. All departments were up and running, with minimal disruption. The extra effort to keep our business informed and operational was and is excellent!

If your business is still reeling from the effects of the recent storms and you have a need to improve your ICT infrastructure resilience and business continuity strategy, we are here to help. Feel welcome to reach out to us at or on 1300 024 748.

Troy Irwin
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