Total Donations Security Vulnerability

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Total Donations Security Vulnerability

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The Wordfence Threat Intelligence team recently identified multiple critical vulnerabilities in the commercial Total Donations plugin for WordPress. These vulnerabilities, present in all known versions of the plugin up to and including 2.0.5, are being exploited by malicious actors to gain administrative access to affected WordPress sites.


It is our recommendation that site owners using Total Donations delete–not just deactivate–the vulnerable plugin as soon as possible to secure their sites. The following article details the issues present in Total Donations, as well as the active attacks against the plugin. We’ll also take a look at our disclosure process, and the steps we took in our attempts to contact the plugin’s developers to reach a resolution.


Plugin Abandoned, No Developer Response

These security flaws are considered zero-day vulnerabilities due to their active exploitation and a lack of an available patch. On January 16th, we worked to contact Total Donations’ development team, Calmar Webmedia, in order to work together to produce a patch and protect affected users. Unfortunately, the process of making this contact revealed that a solution may not ever be coming.


There currently do not appear to be any legitimate means of acquiring the latest version of Total Donations. The plugin’s homepage currently displays a Coming Soon page, featuring a mockup image of a new website. The upload path of this image implies the site has been in this state since May 2018.


The plugin was formerly distributed via Envato’s CodeCanyon marketplace. Total Donations is no longer available for purchase, but its reviews page is still accessible.


The most common issue cited in these reviews is a lack of product support, with complaints up to three years old detailing a complete lack of responsiveness from the plugin’s developers. As a security researcher hoping to make urgent contact regarding an active threat, this was an early bad omen.


The seller profile associated with Total Donations contained information and support links to Calmar Webmedia, a Vancouver-based development firm. However, this project appears to have been abandoned as well. The company’s support page loads a blank screen, likely a White Screen of Death, and the Request A Quote page just displays a nonfunctional shortcode.


In order to completely secure an affected site the Total Donations plugin should be deleted entirely, not just deactivated. This is due to an alternate AJAX endpoint built into Total Donations by its developers.


Source: Wordfence

A WordPress plugin called Total Donations is no longer in active development. It is a plugin that has a serious security vulnerability that existed from the very first release of the plugin. It is recommended to remove this plugin from your site entirely as the security vulnerability still exists when the plugin is disabled.


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