Upgrade your internet connection with us!

Internet Post

Upgrade your internet connection with us!

Internet Post

It is always frustrating when your internet connection is too slow. You may be trying to send an important email off to a potential client but all of the sudden your internet connection drops out. We know it is frustrating when you call your provider and they ask you to repeat the same steps you may have done 5 times in a row already. Getting your internet connection from us allows you to have our friendly team take care of your connection issues and troubleshoot them for you giving you more time to focus on more important things. Depending on your location we can provide your business with a stable internet connection that is reliable and fast.


We can also provide Voice over IP services too. Throughout australia old copper telephone lines are being disconnected due to the installation of NBN. That is one reason to switch to a VoIP solution. We can port your number over and provide you with a sip trunk. We can also replace your current copper PBX system with a digital VoIP based system called 3cx. 3cx allows us to do anything your traditional PBX system does but for a much cheaper price.


Internet services that we offer:

  • Fibre Networks
  • Fixed Wireless
  • NBN
  • Mid-band Ethernet
  • Ethernet First Mile
  • Telstra 4GX – Extranet


VoIP Services that we offer:

  • Unlimited local, national, mobile
  • Unlimited 13/1300


Check out a testimonial video from one of our customers:


If you have any interest in any of the services that we provide. Give us a call on 1300 024 748 and our friendly team can help you out. If you are also looking for new workstations or equipment, check out our Technology Centre. It has a wide range of products available.

Nicholas Guarnaccia
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