Why Does Healthcare Facilities Need Managed IT Services?

Why Does Healthcare Facilities Need Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services can be described as outsourcing all your Information technology operations to third-party experts rather than managing all of it on your own in-house at your facility. Outsourcing IT services can be very transforming for small and mid-sized healthcare facilities as it eliminates the need of hiring IT employees and ensuring Data privacy without having an expertise in the IT domain. MSPs like Managed Services Australia can be your reliable IT partner which can unburden all your IT responsibilities including Systems Monitoring, technical support, Secure Data Storage, Telephone lines, the Internet and much more.

The relationship of your facility with the MSPs is defined by the contract often referred as Service Level Agreement (SLA). This SLA consists of all the information including the fees, agreed terms & conditions and services involved.

Below are few of the reasons why Healthcare facilities need Managed IT Services:

1. Healthcare facilities are usually at a serious risk of being vulnerable to cyber threats

Why Does Healthcare Facilities Need Managed IT Services

Healthcare industry is viewed as an easy target for a data theft and hence they are at a higher risk of ransomware attacks. Sensitive healthcare data is highly valuable and security breaches can be highly detrimental for any healthcare organization. Outsourcing the protection of data and letting the experts handle such situations can ensure security from malicious activities. MSPs like Managed Services Australia can improve service scalability, security, and reliability. It can identify the threats at an early stage, avoid missteps and implement corrective measures to overcome such threats on immediate basis.

2. Round-the Clock IT Device Monitoring and Support

For most medical facilities, relying on the in-house IT team may not always be the most effective as it does not support today’s technology needs and requirements. Also, if the business experiences any security breaches outside of office-hours or in absence of IT staff, you need to have someone reliable on your side (MSP) to support such needs. Most healthcare facilities still follow the normal business hours. i.e., 9am-5pm. However, healthcare leaders expect their IT services to be available for 24/7 round the clock. This arises the need for them to hire an external Managed IT services provider which can fill such gaps.

3. Medical facilities require highly specialized IT services

Managed Services Australia (MSA) can maintain adequate online data communication for healthcare businesses. Cloud-computing based services allows secure sharing for sensitive healthcare information along with facilitating seamless disaster recovery. MSA can also encompasses the essential IT services for healthcare facilities which does not have proper IT Service Management tools for their Asset management, Incident management and Database Configurations. Managed IT providers also assist and advice for Healthcare IT challenges like integrating various IT systems, manage electronic health records and migrating to the cloud storage.

4. Time and cost effective

The healthcare organizations who don’t outsource their IT services, spends lot more time and money on training internal staff and software because their employees are in-efficient of identifying latest changes in IT standards related to the healthcare. Also, they spend much more time and resources in identifying and rectifying any IT related errors caused by their systems. The cost of outsourcing the Managed IT services far overweighs the unnecessary cost of IT infrastructure, manpower, administrative costs, and distractions from the actual healthcare activities.

If you are a healthcare facility and looking for a reliable Managed IT Service provider, then you have reached a right place. Contact us and let’s discuss on how we can add value to your healthcare business.  

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